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Welcome and welcome back to the Japanese Program at York University.
Honours Minor Degree Program is available.

Cancelled: AP/JP4000 6.0, AP/JP3620 3.0, AP/JP2000C
Classes scheduled on Thursday will start on September 8 - including jp1000 tutorials. Please do not miss the first class.
If you are still trying to enroll in our courses, please attend the tutorial or course on the first day and let the instructor know that you are trying to enroll.

Event Calendar
2016 Ontario Japanese Speech Contest

2016 National Japanese Speech Contest

Japanese Language Proficiency Test
York students shone again! Congratulations to all the participants for their excellent speeches, and the following winners in particular.
1st prize: Ms. Lily McDermott (jp3000)
2nd prize: Mr. Matthew (He) Zhang (jp3000)
3rd prize: Mr. Yong Kim (jp3000)
1st prize: Mr. Paul Lee (jp3000)
Humour Prize: Ms. Rong (Tracy) Chen (jp3000)
Please join us to congratulate these winners.

Mr. Paul Lee won the 3rd prize and Mr. Matthew (He) Zhang won the 1st prize in the 2016 NJSC held at U of T on  March 19, 2016. Please join us to congratulate them on their excellent performance..

The online application is available between September 1 and October 7, 2016. I would strongly recommend that you would write the test.

NJSC Poster


  • Y-File: York students earn honours at the 2012 Ontario Japanese Speech Contest  link
  • Y-File: York students win four prizes at the 2013 Ontario Japanese Speech Contest  link
  • Y-File: York faculty member honoured with the title of eInvited Professorf by University of Havana  link
  • York winners in the 2014 Ontario Japanese Speech Contest  list
  • Professor Cary Takagaki has joined the faculty to teach courses on culture and society.
  • Ms Minmin (Sophia) Yu, Schulich School of Business has been selected for the 2014-5 York-MItsui Canada Co-op (internship) project. Congratulations, MInmin. 
  • York students won many prizes at the 33rd OJSC. Congratulations!  link
  • Ms. Laina Tsurusaki won the first prize in the Open category at the National Japanese Speech Contest held at the University of Calgary. Congratulations!!!  link
  • Japanese Foreign Ministerfs Commendation Awarded to York University Scholar (Consulate General of Japan Toronto)  link
  • Special Ceremony Confers Japanese Foreign Ministerfs Commendation to York University Scholar (Consulate General of Japan Toronto)  link
  • Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation Awarded to York University Professor Norio Ota (National Association of Japanese Canadians)  link
  • Y-File: Japanese Studies Program Coordinator awarded Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation  link
  • Y-File: York University research leaders recognized at annual celebration  link
  • Nikka Times: 2016 Ontario Japanese Speech Contest  link
  • Y-File: York students shine at the 2016 Ontario Japanese speech contest  link
  • Y-File: York students win top prizes in National Japanese Speech Contest  link
  • Ms. Lily Mcdermott (AS/JP3000) receives the 2016 Peter Sato Award, which is given to the best student overall in the Japanese Studies Program.
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