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Japan Studies Association of Canada / Association canadienne d'études sur le Japon

カナダ日本研究学会   Virtual Home for the Japan Studies Association of Canada

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            of Mt. Fuji by Norio Ota

The purpose of the Japan Studies Association of Canada (JSAC) is to promote Japan Studies in Canada and to contribute towards increase in knowledge about Japan and Canada-Japan relations by:
  • Encouraging Canadian scholars and other interested persons to conduct research on Japan in all academic fields;
  • Sponsoring conferences and publishing proceedings of the conferences and other papers;
  • Encouraging Japanese scholars and any person interested in Japan studies to share their knowledge with the members of the Association.

Message from the JSAC President: text
Carin Holroyd                                                                    
Dr. Carin Holroyd
Associate Professor
Department of Political Studies
University of Saskatchewan




Happy New Year 2018!

The 2018 JSAC membership fee is now payable (period of January 1 - December 31, 2018): Link

JSAC2018 will be held at University of Alberta. We thank Professor Aya Fujiwara (University of Alberta) and Professor X.Jie Yang (University of Calgary) for their willingness to host the conference.


Honours: Congratulations!
  • Professor Fumiko Ikawa-Smith was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette in 2003: Link
  • Norio Ota was honoured with the title of 'Profesor Invitado' by Universidad de La Habana, Cuba in 2013: Link
  • Professor Ken Coates and Professor Jacob Kovalio received 2014 Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation: Link (Coates)  Link (Kovalio)
  • Professor Michael W. Donnelly was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun in 2014: Link
  • Norio Ota receives 2015 Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation:  Link1  Link2  Link3  Link4
  • Professor Ken Coates elected to be fellow of the Royal Society of Canada: Link
  • Norio Ota commended by York University as a 2016 York U Research Leader: Link
  • Professor X. Jie Yang, University of Calgary, received Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette in the Imperial Decorations, spring 2016: Link1  Link2  Link3  Link4
  • Professor Carin Holroyd received the University of Saskatchewan J.W. George Ivany Internationalization Award.
  • Ambassador Joseph Caron received 2017 Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star: Link 
  • Professor Fumiko Ikawa-Smith, McGill University receives the Award for Lifetime Service to the Japan Studies Association of Canada (JSAC) in 2017: This award is made to honour an outstanding contribution to the mission of the Japan Studies Association of Canada (JSAC): Initiated in 2017, the award recognizes exceptional service and commitment to JSAC and to the study of Japan in Canada.  The award acknowledges and publicly celebrates these outstanding contributions and the integrity and dedication the recipient has brought to the association.
  • Ms. Natasha Fox and Mr. Evan Koike (runner-up) received the 2017 Pringsheim Award for excellent papers among graduate students.

JSAC Publication:
  • JSAC2012-13 Proceedings publication: Link
  • JSAC2014 Proceedings: Link
  • JSAC2015 Japan and Canada in Comparative Perspective: Economics: Link
  • JSAC/JACS/JCERN2015 Culture, Identity and Citizenship in Japan and Canada: Link
  • JSAC2016 Globalizing Japan: Issues in Language, Linguistics and Japanese Society: Link

Photos - Please send photosOlder photos can be found in the Database.
  • JSAC2014_photos (Google Drive):  Link
  • JSAC2015_photos (Google Drive):  Link
  • JSAC2016_photos (Google Drive)Link
  • JSAC2017_photos (Google Drive):  Link


  • CAJLE (Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education) 2018 Annual Conference Call for papers: Link
  • Panel Discussion 'Being a doctor in Japan: From the everyday to the extraordinary' January 31, 2018, 18:30: Link             
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